PS Vita 2 Will Never Work, Handheld Market is Not for Sony and Microsoft

Sony released PlayStation Portable almost a decade back and it was a pretty successful machine. The handheld got massive support from third-party developers and saw games like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Twin Snakes, FIFA, Ace Combat, and much more.

However, the situation was pretty different for PlayStation Vita, the heir to the success of PlayStation Portable (PSP). The main problem with PS Vita turned out to be lack of sales (although there was a recent 25% boost in sales) which resulted in limited support from third parties. The handheld became a haven for indies but fans just weren’t interested in that type of content. The handheld market is very limited and most of it is dominated by Nintendo due to handheld friendly games they release. The audience of Sony, even Microsoft, is different and likes to sit back and play their games on giant TVs with AAA quality graphics.

This is exactly why Sony recently stated that they have no plans to release PlayStation Vita 2. It would be a major risk as handheld market is limited for Sony and is competing with mobile gaming. Nintendo has a hardcore user base and their games appeal to millions of players won’t mind playing on a handheld. Which is why Nintendo Switch made sense for the company.

Sony’s decision to not work on a handheld device is correct. Its strong point is console gaming and it is best that it sticks to that. PlayStation Vita 2 is likely to fail and Sony understands that.

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