League of Legends will soon allow two players to simultaneously draft-pick champions

The drafting process for League of Legends is being made cleaner, smoother, faster, and more efficient with the next couple of patches.

Posting on the official forums, Riot Games announced that it will soon be allowing two players on the same team to pick their champions at the same time. This should push the game to begin faster by a minute or two, a fairly healthy improvement for regular players.

However, this aspect is planned for patch 7.20. The one to arrive in the next couple of weeks, patch 7.19, will instead introduce filtering and sorting functionality for the drafting phase. These were already highlighted a couple of weeks back.

The role filters (assassin, tank, mage, etc.) are being replaced with position filters (top, mid, jungle, etc.) to help players narrow down their picks faster. Every single champion will show in at least one position, and the roster will be updated after every patch to reflect gathered data on what champions are being played in what positions.

Based on feedback, the developer is also adding the option to favorite champions by position. These will show up at the top with a special icon. Then there is the functionality of sorting champions by their respective mastery points and eligibility for Hextech chests.

As mentioned above, patch 7.19 is expected to arrive in the first half of October. Meaning that all the upgrades mentioned for the champion select screen will arrive by the end of next month for League of Legends. There could be more features as well, but they will be revealed at a later date.