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League of Legends’ new reworked kit for Evelynn has finally been revealed

The much-awaited major rework of Evelynn finally arrived for League of Legends earlier today and is currently available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for participating testers.

The succubus features an entirely new kit, with every ability having more than one function. This goes in contrast to her previous version where players had to repeatedly smash the same keys in monotonous fashion. Now, though, Evelynn has a much higher skill ceiling and players are likely to enjoy her gameplay upon mastering.

Passive: Demon Shade

After avoiding combat for a few seconds, Evelynn is enveloped by Demon Shade. If Evelynn’s health is low, she’ll recover it quickly while this ability is active. Starting at level 6, Demon Shade also grants camouflage—this makes Evelynn hidden from view to all except nearby enemy champions, control wards, and turrets.

Q: Hate Spike

Evelynn lashes out in a target direction, dealing damage to the first unit hit. If the lash strikes a target, Evelynn’s next three spells or attacks on that target will deal additional damage. If the struck target is a monster, a significant chunk of Hate Spike’s cooldown will be refunded. After the initial cast, Evelynn can recast Hate Spike up to three times to fire a line of spikes through the nearest enemy. The spikes deal damage to all enemies hit. Hate Spike prioritizes the enemy Evelynn is attacking.

W: Lust Dust

Evelynn briefly curses a target champion or monster, briefly revealing her location to her target. Hitting the cursed target with basic attacks or Eve’s other spells will expunge the curse, refunding Lust Dust’s mana cost and significantly slowing the target.

If the curse lasts for at least a couple of seconds, expunging it will charm the target. If the target is an enemy champion, their magic resistance will be reduced for a few seconds. If the target is a monster, the length of the charm will be increased and the spell will deal bonus damage.

Casting Lust Dust does not break Demon Shade’s camouflage.

E: Whiplash

Evelynn impales an enemy with her lashers, applying on-hit effects and dealing damage as a percentage of the target’s maximum health. Evelynn is then granted a short burst of movement speed.

Entering Demon Shade upgrades Evelynn’s next Whiplash into Empowered Whiplash.

Empowered Whiplash: Evelynn pulls herself to her target before impaling them, then deals Whiplash’s effects to her target and all nearby enemies.

R: Widowmaker

Evelynn unleashes her demonic energy, becoming untargetable and decimating enemies in front of her. She then warps backwards. This ability deals bonus damage to low-health enemies.

We have already been treated to her brand new default splash art as well as an inciting teaser last week.

There is no word on when the reworked kit of Evelynn will officially release for League of Legends. There are still a couple of weeks before the next patch arrives. Provided that the feedback is positive from early testers and there are no game-breaking bugs, she should receive her new form on the live servers by then. In any case, the community can expect to get their hands on Evelynn before the 2017 League of Legends World Championship concludes.