Injustice 2 players are losing their precious items after updating to latest patch

The latest patch to arrive for Injustice 2 earlier today has reportedly been messing with the inventory of several players in the community.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, an unknown bug has made its way into the sequel that needs to be squashed immediately.

Many who were quick to update their game soon discovered afterwards that they had lost various items from their backpacks. This includes gear, shaders, entire mother boxes and sets, and even abilities on one or more characters.

There is no specific pattern since the deleted items cover all rarities, even legendary, as well as content that was paid for with real-world currency.

NetherRealm Studios has acknowledged the bug and is currently investigating to find the root cause. There is no confirmation regarding what has gone wrong inside the code of Injustice 2 or how the bug is triggered.

It is also unknown as to how many players were affected by the bug. If the problem is widespread then the developer is likely to rollback the update to the previous version. If not, then it will have to give back all the lost items to every single player on an individual basis.

Until the developer has found a fix, players are advised to refrain from updating their games.