FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide – Build Max Chemistry Team, Chemistry Maximizing Tips

Chemistry is perhaps one of the most important things that you will require if you want your Ultimate Team to be successful. This FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide will tell you the best tips and tricks required for your team to be successful in the new FIFA iteration. Read on to find out how you can get the best possible chemistry from your squad.

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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide

Chemistry in FIFA 18 is a rather complex subject. If I had to dumb it down, I would say that it is how well your team communicates with each other and how well it plays together. Chemistry Modifier cards also exist in the game although this guide does not delve into them a lot.

How to Get Maximum Chemistry in FIFA 18

Types of Chemistry

There are three different types of Chemistry in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The Individual Player Chemistry is scored out of 10 for every player in your team. The Team Chemistry is scored out of 100 as a whole and the Overall Chemistry is the culmination of the aforementioned chemistries.

The main goal that this guide points you towards is having the maximum amount of Overall Chemistry. It is best to remember that the individual player chemistry is the greatest contributing factor to the overall chemistry so that is where the priority focus should be for you.

Tips on Increasing Chemistry

Keep an eye out for the player’s position under their card. If it is red then it means that the player is out of position and green means that the player is in his ideal position. The red position will have a negative effect on your team chemistry while green will increase it, so keep that in mind.

You need to establish links between players. The lines that you see on your formation view will be either red, orange or green. This depends on how many of the following the linked players have in common: Club, League, and Nationality. If the link is red then it means that the players have nothing in common.

It is worthwhile to remember that Red decreases Chemistry whereas Orange increases both with green offering the biggest boost. A player may have multiple links with them so it will be up to you to get a positive outcome from the net result.

Players will also receive a boost if they share team or nationality with the manager of the team. Lastly, players receive a Loyalty Chemistry Boost once they have played 10 games for your club.

How Chemistry is Calculated?

The effects of chemistry are applied to each player before the start of the game. A player in the starting 11 has a 25 percent effect on him based on Team Chemistry and 75 percent effect based on Individual Player Chemistry.

A substitute player has 25 percent effects based on Team Chemistry and the other 75 percent based on Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5. The following formula is used for calculation of Chemistry on Player Attributes:

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

If the result is greater than 50, the attributes of a player start to increase towards their maximum of 99. If the result is 50 then no chance is seen. If the result is 49 or lower, then players start to lose attributes towards their minimum of 1.

That is all we have for our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!