FIFA 18 Free Kicks Guide – All Free Kicks, Trivela Free Kick, Knuckleball Free Kick, Power Free Kick, How to Perform

Free Kicks can be an extremely important aspect of the game. Being able to learn Free Kicks and score with them will be an incredible boost to your game. This FIFA 18 Free Kicks Tutorial tells how the types of Free Kicks you can take along with the best way to power up and the right direction to aim the shots for an easy goal.

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FIFA 18 Free Kicks Tutorial

One thing that you need to learn is that you can use the right stick to better position your Free Kick taker. Using the right stick will allow you to aim better. After this, decide which one of the following Free Kicks you want to take and follow the directions.

Free Kicks Guide in FIFA 18

Dipping Free Kick

To perform this Free Kick, line up the ball with the inner end of the wall and then use 1 or 2 bars of power. Remember to hold the Left Analog-stick up when performing your run to make the ball dip.

Curve Free Kick

This time, you need to line the ball up on the outer side of the wall. Now once again power up 1 or 2 bars and then press the left analog stick in the direction that you want to curve the ball.

Trivela Free Kick

To perform his Free Kick, position yourself to the wrong side of the ball using the right stick. Now aim diagonally with the left stick and then apply 1 to 2 bars of power. This shot will utilize the outside of your foot.

Power Free Kick

This Free Kick is especially effective at long ranges. To perform one, simply aim at the middle of the wall and then press the LB or the L1 button after which you should apply the power depending on the circumstance. Also, remember to aim the left stick in a forward direction.

Knuckleball Free Kick

For this, do everything the same as you did in the Power Free Kick section. In the end, just move your left stick to the opposite direction of your foot to perform the knuckleball Free Kick.

Using Extra Players

Call the second man by pressing the LT or the L2 button and the third man by pressing the RB or R1 button.

To perform a Dummy, all you need to do is to perform a Fake Shot while you have the button of the player pressed. You can also shoot with them while holding their button; just remember to compensate for the curve

That is all we have for our FIFA 18 Free Kicks Tutorial. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!