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Evelynn’s rework contains a ton of sexual voice-overs to make League of Legends sweat

The much-awaited rework of Evelynn arrived on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) earlier today. In addition to her new kit of abilities, the sensual theme has received more than just a saucy character model and splash art.

In short, Riot Games has dug deep to drench the new Evelynn in sex. The developer previously stated that it would only do so for a character in League of Legends if it was required by lore. She being a succubus certainly fits that category.

The widowmaker now features over a dozen voice-overs that are all sexual references or innuendos. Some of these trigger automatically upon an activity like killing an enemy champion, while others happen when performing manual interactions with certain champions. There are suggestive jokes during the ban phase as well as when spawning.

A list of the best of them has been compiled by Dot Esports for your reading pleasure. There are more from where they come from.

  • Buying Cloth Armor: “Why not give them something to take off?”
  • Buying Void Staff: “It’s so… big.”
  • Buying Void Staff: “Imagine what we could do with this.”
  • Buying Void Staff: “Think of all the… places… this could go.”
  • Killing: “Mmm… I hate it when they don’t last.”
  • Killing: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”
  • Killing: “Wanna do it again?”
  • Attacking Baron: “Finally! A man who can satisfy me.”
  • Attacking Dragon: “Don’t worry, honey, I’m open to all types.”
  • Taunting Ahri: “Skank.”
  • Taunting Bard: “I can make you do a lot more than jingle.”
  • Taunting Lee Sin: “Blindfolds, huh? Whatever does it for ya.”
  • Taunting Mundo: “So, you’re a masochist? Whatcha doing later?”
  • Taunting Nocturne: “Why don’t we leave the lights on for this?”
  • Entering stealth: “It’s better in the dark.”
  • Respawn: “So, they like it rough?”
  • Ban quote: “Once again, a woman is left unsatisfied.”

There is no word on when the reworked kit of Evelynn will officially release for League of Legends. There are still a couple of weeks before the next patch arrives. Provided that the feedback is positive from early testers and there are no game-breaking bugs, she should receive her new form on the live servers by then. In any case, the community can expect to get their hands on Evelynn before the 2017 League of Legends World Championship concludes.