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You can now customize keyboard settings for Street Fighter V on PC

Nearly eight months after its official release, Street Fighter V has finally received a rather basic feature that should have been there from the beginning.

The latest installment in the popular fighting game franchise was updated earlier today across all platforms. However, the patch notes missed out on mentioning that players can now customize their keyboard settings on PC.

This was previously locked for whatever reason, forcing players to not only play on the frustrating layout but also being unable to map their own buttons.

A recent post on Reddit confirms the freedom of entering a customized keyboard layout for Street Fighter V on PC. It should make the experience fairly healthy for those who are accustomed to playing fighting games with keyboards rather than controllers.

Anyone who is interested in editing the .ini file directly for their settings can follow the folder-location and scroll all the way down to find the keyboard-related section:

C:\Users\”YOUR NAME”\AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

The latest update for Street Fighter V weighs in over 10 GB in size. It adds new costumes for Halloween and from the school-themed lineup. There is also the new stage, English Manor, from the classic Street Fighter II installment as well as new music packs to make each battle feel special.

Perhaps if the fighting game community is lucky and continues to show loyalty, Capcom might be pressed to bring out more long-awaited and highly-basic features for the game.

suspicious listing from last week brought to light a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which we thought would be announced during Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) by Capcom. Unfortunately, such an announcement never took place.