Street Fighter V celebrates Halloween with new spooky costumes, M. Bison is now Satan himself

Capcom is scheduled to release a new Halloween-themed update later today that will introduce a number of spooky costumes for Street Fighter V.

The seasonal event will bring alternate looks for five characters on the roster. Dhalsim has been wrapped in dirty bandages as a walking mummy, Birdie has apparently found part-time work as a butcher, Urien has become a frightful doppelganger of Gill, F.A.N.G has earned his doctorate degree as a mad scientist, and M. Bison has finally found his inner calling as an actual demonic being.

Take note that the Halloween costumes from last year, as well as the Spooky Arena stage, will be available in the store for the duration of the event. The content can be purchased as a special money-saving bundle or on an individual basis. They include alternate outfits for Alex, Cammy, Nash, Necalli, Juri, Ryu, and Vega.

The new costumes will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam for $4 each starting this week. There will also be the new stage, English Manor, from the classic Street Fighter II installment for 70,000 Fight Money or $4. In addition, players can find new music packs to make each battle feel special.

New content and updates continue to roll in for Street Fighter V. However, there is still no official word on the long-awaited arcade mode. A suspicious listing from last week brought to light a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which we thought would be announced during Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) by Capcom. It did not happen.