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Pete Hines Bethesda Responds to Criticism Over The Creation Club

Pete Hines, VP Marketing at Bethesda, got into an argument with one of the fans for their Creation Club Initiative. Firing up the debate that began with the paid mods debacle. He said that Bethesda wants to try out new things and will keep on doing that.

He responded diplomatically to a question raised by one of the fans that why would season pass not include the mods from The Creation Club. To which he responded by saying they are neither DLCs nor paid-mods like before, that didn’t work out so Bethesda is trying this out.

The Creation Club is in a beta phase for Fallout 4 and will go live for Skyrim this month. So people are criticizing Bethesda for being greedy. Instead of giving DLC. They’ll sell mods now. Pete Hines defended the project say. People have criticized me since the TES Morrowind days. Back then I used to hear that it won’t work on Xbox, the game is not made for consoles. But it did. Really well.

Pete Hines mentioned that the paid-mods method didn’t work before, so we’re trying The Creation Club, where we pick, choose and supervise the quality of mods with our resources to provide value to the game. Since it’s not exactly DLC, it won’t be included in the season pass. It will be paid, but different.

Hines added: “Trying stuff and not being afraid to do things that break apart from what everyone else is doing is part of what I feel like Bethesda is, in all the years I’ve been here. Obviously, we won’t be wildly guessing for experimentation’s sake, but we want to try to place smart bets and do the kinds of things we’re excited about, and that we think other people will be excited about.”

Do you believe The Creation Club idea will prove fruitful for the fans of Skyrim and Fallout? Let us know in the comments.