Latest Need For Speed: Payback Trailer Introduces Us To The Fortune Valley

Need For Speed: Payback is one of the most anticipated games on this year and Ghost Games has rolled out a new Need For Speed: Payback trailer which introduces us to the Fortune Valley which is full of races and other activities for players to take part in.

In this new Need For Speed: Payback trailer we get a good look at Fortune Valley and the activities that players can take part in. While the game has a lot for players to take part in but, the Fortune Valley also looks good at the same time.

Head out into Liberty Desert, traverse the mountain roads of Mount Providence, cruise around downtown or simply park up and admire the sunset from Silver Canyon. Fortune Valley has it all.

Need For Speed: Payback will bring back the car customization that fans have been asking for a few years. The customization will allow players to create their ride from the scratch. EA recently gave a detailed look at the customization featured in the upcoming title.

According to the devs, the customization is better than ever in Need For Speed: Payback with a slew of car customizations items for players to unlock.

Also, the game might also make its way to Nintendo Switch. According to executive producer Marcus Nilsson, there is no Nintendo Switch version for the time being.

Would that be a platform that Need for Speed: Payback could run on? I don’t see why [not], but it’s not something we’re looking to at this very moment.

Need For Speed: Payback is a racing title in development at Ghost Games and is scheduled to launch November 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.