League of Legends pre-season update goes live on November 8, here’s what to expect

The highly anticipated pre-season update draws near for League of Legends. In just over a month, several features will be introduced that carry immense significance to the nature of the game.

A newly hosted webpage for the upcoming pre-season confirms what to expect. Take note that everything is subject to change and depending on feedback, the developer might push minor (or major) tweaks in the months to follow.

It begins with the merging of runes and masteries into one global streamlined system that gives players more options and access than ever before. Most importantly, runes are going absolutely free and everyone who has spent large amounts of Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP) over the years will be compensated to some degree.

The level 30 cap is being removed to feature none at all. Players can level up their accounts as much as they want and get rewarded with a number of goodies every time they do so.

Blue Essence (BE) will be the new global currency in League of Legends. It will replace IP but not affect the pricing in the store. This does mean that the game will be adjusted to provide the same amounts of BE as players received IP, if not more.

Finally, Riot Games is bringing out the long-awaited and long-promised “Veteran Rewards” for the community. There are three exclusive emotes, each going to the player on the basis of hours put in over the years.

Riot Games has confirmed that the pre-season update is scheduled to go live on November 8. This will be in the week following the conclusion of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.