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There Are 9 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Motherboards to Support Intel 8th Gen CPUs

Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboards were revealed recently by the company with 9 variants for the Z370 Chipset. It will support Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs. The processors will comprise of LGA1151 socket along with DDR4 RAM support.

Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboards provide the user with gaming-specific features that enhance the overall experience. These features include a powerful LAN, RAM, and CPU Overclocking, digital LED support, RGB lighting support, surround channel HD audio, dual bios, and anti-rust, anti sulfur materials.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a major difference between the motherboards, however, the titles highlight it themselves. Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboard 3, 5 and 7 have similar features with the Gaming 7, having 2 LAN chips,  extra PCIe port, extra M.2 NVMe port and Gaming 3 having the least of them.

All the motherboards support Dual Channel DDR4 RAMs with up to 64 GB of system memory and 4000 + MHz when Overclocked. All of them support XMP, 7.1/5.1 channel audio, 1000Mbit LAN chip. The only difference is of the extra number of USB ports or PCIe ports.

Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboards are generally criticized for their unstable and poor Bios support with revised hardware versions. Because if we’re talking about gaming features, the competitors like Asus, MSI, ASRock are also providing similar features for durability, stability, and style.

Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboards come with industry grade black capacitors, anti-sulfur ICs and extra joint support below the PCIe panels to reinforce the port holding the heavy GPUs and avoid PCB bending. These motherboards also support features like Motherboard overclocking button, 4-5 Fan control points, 6-8 Temperature sensors, Smart LED and Smart fan controls.

Gigabyte says that its new Z370 motherboards are equipped with a server-grade digital power design for robust 8th gen Core processor support.  In addition, Gigabyte uses server-grade 10K Ultra Durable Black capacitors, reducing the excess electrostatic charge on the PWMs, and improving efficiency between the CPU meeting standards of the California Energy Commission (CEC) as low power and high-efficiency motherboards.

The release date is teased to be 5th October 2017. For more on Gigabyte Aorus gaming motherboards. Keep following  SegmentNext.