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Fortnite With New Features And Battle Royale Mode Now Free to Try

Fortnite PR team Tweeted recently that their servers are down following the update 1.6.3. This update adds new varieties such as weapons, squads, supply crates and balance pass to Battle Royale mode.

Following the recent objection raised by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds team, the Battle Royale 100 players last man standing mode is similar to the gameplay & loot style of PUBG.

Epic Games also announced that Fortnite Battle Royale goes Free today, 26th of September. The studio is adding supply drops, item-carrying crates, new weapons such as small range SMG, scoped assault rifle, charge fragment (available from drop crates).

The game did receive its fair share of criticism highlighting the fact that this tower defense game is shadowed by its underwhelming loot which gets diminished by its own abundance. Loot is quantity, not quality.

However, the free to play Battle Royale mode is sure to grab everyone’s attention because modern day online gaming is trending with this particular game mode. Even GTA V added a Battle Royale mode.

The survival elements of a Battle Royale, are rapidly gaining popularity among the gamer community. This will perhaps provide Fortnite with the attention and value it’s expecting from the gamers.

A combination of swift and speedy ninjas, damage multiplying soldiers, loot harvesting scavengers and skilled and strong craftsman are crucial to survivability. Therefore squads will work better in your favor.

Epic Games recently mentioned that Fortnite servers are down for extended period of time and no recovery time has been specified. But surely we can wait since the Free Battle Royale mode might be worth the wait.