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More Life to Death Stranding is Silent Hills Theory

Death Stranding is Silent Hills? Well, that’s a theory that been floating around for a while. Death Stranding the product of a partnership between Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Kojima left Konami to work on his own studio and thus came Death Stranding.

However, Kojima is known for deceiving his audience. He used a fake studio to reveal The Phantom Pain so one only wonders how far he can go. There are plenty of

">suggestive evidence pointing to Death Stranding being Silent Hills but another one just popped up.

Hideo Kojima’s personal secretary shared an image of him and Shinkawa together. To explain the context, the image was shared to assure fans that Shinkawa is still at Kojima Productions working on the game. The rumor of his departure came recently when Square Enix revealed a game called Left Alive at TGS. Shinkawa did the art for Left Alive which raised many questions.

What’s interesting about the image is that it shows Kojima holding a Yonker Kohei. It is a health potion used to regenerate HP in Silent Hill games. Why would he be holding Yonker? And this isn’t the first time we are seeing him with Yonker. He has shared it on his Twitter channel before.

If Silent Hills is indeed alive, then we Sony most probably bought the rights to it from Konami after Silent Hills was canceled.