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Injustice 2 had several costumes removed because they were too revealing

Injustice 2 was rated T (Teen) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) when it released in May for its “suggestive themes” among other reasons. NetherRealm Studios had to be very careful in order to not cross that fine line. Hence, the developer had to ultimately cut out several costumes and designs for female characters on the playable roster because they were simply too revealing.

According to senior character artist Solomon Gaitan, Catwoman originally had much bigger breasts and Starfire was borderline naked. Harley Quinn previously wore tight shorts to emphasize her cheeks and Black Canary, in similar fashion, revealed more than her current wares allow.

In fact, most of the female characters had their breasts reduced for the final version of Injustice 2. Poison Ivy, based on Victoria’s Secret models, was the only character to feature a smaller bust. However, due to the direction from NetherRealm Studios, she ended up as the new “curvy one” that was basically every other female character at the beginning.

The details, along with concept work, were uploaded by the artist on Instagram over the weekend before setting his account to “private” for his followers. However, some were quick enough to take screen-caps and compile them into a neat video for the rest of us such as the one below.

From the surface it seems like the senior artist, and perhaps the team itself, was not in favor of censoring curves and skin for the female cast in the game. The upper echelon at the studio could not risk having Injustice 2 in jeopardy for not adhering to the rating board. Perhaps the modding community could help in that regard.

Injustice 2 is currently on the verge of receiving its second wave of post-release downloadable characters. Black Manta, super-villain and arch-nemesis of Aquaman, is the first in that lineup. He will be followed by the hulking red-skinned Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics and the eternal god of thunder Raiden from the Mortal Kombat franchise.