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Earn Legendary Gear In No Time With This Injustice 2 Exploit

Exploits in video games have existed as long as video games have and players have used these exploits to their advantage and now players have found an exploit in Injustice 2. This Injustice 2 exploit makes it very easy to players to get their hands on Legendary Gear.

Usually, players have to sacrifice 250 pieces of Epic Gear to even fulfill one of the main requirements to get Legendary Gear but, this Injustice 2 exploit makes it even easier to get your hands on Legendary Gear which takes weeks for players to get one.

This Injustice 2 exploit was spotted by YouTuber, SMGxPrincess, who has also made a video, which you can see above, explaining the exploit. The glitch requires manipulation of save-data in order to trigger the exploit.

In the video, the Youtuber practiced the exploit on the PS4 version of Injustice 2. Go to the Application Saved Data Management in settings and go deeper into the settings until prompted to upload save-data online.

Once the save data is uploaded the exploit begins, start the game and quickly jump into the multiverse before the game has the chance to update. In the multiverse go to the section where players destroy Epic gear and mark items that you don’t want to lose. Destroy the gear, close the application and go back to settings.

Download the save-file that you uploaded and go back tot he game after it is downloaded and you will find that your Epic Gear has returned and the 250 gear requirement will be partially completed. Just repeat the process and you will have the Legendary Gear in no time.

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Injustice 2 is a fighting game featuring characters from DC Comics developed by NetherRealm Studios for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.