FIFA 18 Defending Tips – How to Master Defending, Formation Tips, Tips and Strategies

Every new iteration of FIFA introduces further tweaks and additions which sometimes end up revamping the entire gameplay. FIFA 18 is no different and although there have been no massive changes, defending may feel a little bit different. This FIFA 18 Defending Tips and Tricks guide will ensure that you know what you are doing and are able to handle all of the opponents that you face in career mode or online.

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FIFA 18 Defending Tips and Tricks

The various different aspects of defending in FIFA 18 have been listed below so you can easily read through them and understand how to utilize them.

How to Defend in FIFA 18

Timing the Tackles

One of the biggest mistakes that novice FIFA players make is that they refuse to acknowledge that spamming the tackle button is not good. Remember that using a sliding tackle is the absolute last resort as it will almost certainly lead to a card if you fail. At the very least you will have one less player to defend the attack with. Apart from this even when you use the standing tackle, the player will either win the ball of be useless for a second which is all that your opponent needs to capitalize. So remember to tackle only once and to time it effectively.

Anticipating the Ball

It is best to remember that you need to tackle at the place where the ball will be when you execute the tackle otherwise it will result in either a failed tackle or a foul. Watch the trajectory of the ball and account for it as you make the tackle.

Keep a Good Defensive Formation

It is very tempting to always switch Defenders and use them to charge the Attacker, but remember that this will lead to huge gaps in your defense which any average player will be able to use to destroy you. Try to keep a defensive line and use the midfielders for any loose ball that you may need to chase after!

Use the Right Stick for Switching

The amount of control this option gives you is so great that once you master it, you will immediately have a leg up on pretty much any opponent who uses a button for switching players. This way you can pick a player who can cover a through ball instead of picking a player who was just the nearest to the ball. You can also combine the right stick technique with the second player press option which is the R1/RT button by default for amazing effects.

Don’t Hold the Sprint Button

I cannot stress this enough. Almost every new player tries to continuously hold the sprint button which causes a hindrance to their improvement. Remember to only sprint when necessary and otherwise save the energy of your players. Constantly holding the sprint button will make the majority of your players tired while there are still minutes left on the clock and your opponent might be able to take advantage of that.

That is all we have for our FIFA 18 Defending Tips and Tricks. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!