Custom Fast & Furious Xbox One S Being Auctioned Next Month For Paul Walker’s ‘Reach Out WorldWide’ Initiative

A custom Fast & Furious Xbox One S is going to be auctioned next month in order to raise money for Paul Walker’s ‘Reach Out WorldWide’ initiative. Vin Diesel posted a picture of the custom Fast & Furious Xbox One S and the design resembles that of Brians Mitsubishi Eclipse in the first Fast & Furious movie.

The custom Fast & Furious Xbox One S will be available on auction on the 1st of October, at Game4Paul3 – Cody Walker’s annual fundraiser for Reach Out WorldWide, in order to honor is late brother Paul Walker.

Paul Walker started the Reach Out WorldWide initiative in 2010 and the following is the official bio of the organization:

“A network of professionals with first responder skill-sets who augment local expertise when natural disasters strike in order to accelerate relief efforts.”

Cody Walker joined Reach Out WorldWide in 2014 as the Brand Manager and Paramedic. According to him:

“First and foremost, my family and I truly appreciate the support we have received during this difficult time. One of the things I always admired about my brother was his genuine desire to help others in need. I am honored to join the ROWW team in fulfilling my brother’s legacy and make sure his spirit and mission lives on.”

While Paul Walker might not walk amongst us anymore, it is indeed great to see that his family is keeping his legacy alive. In what manner they choose to do so does not matter. This is a great cause. Paul Walker was an icon and a vital part of the Fast team. He is missed. A Fast game could also be in the works.

Let us know what you think about the custom Fast & Furious Xbox One S and whether or not you are interested in placing a bid. It is for a great cause at the end of the day and your money can save lives.