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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: 6-Months in Early, Countless Updates and I Still Can’t Vault Over a Wall

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been in early access for 6 months but its gameplay mechanics are still nowhere near to completion, even though devs are promising the full release this year. There are many issues with the game and it needs a lot of more improvements before it is ready for a full release.

The UI is an issue itself as everytime¬†you add a new team member, uncheck auto match, or change servers, the UI needs to be refreshed. It is a basic problem that Brendan Greene’s team is ignoring and it is busy adding weapons and vehicles.

However, personally, the biggest issue for me turned out to be vaulting over walls. It is such a crucial element in a game that offers you only one life per match. On a number occasions, players find themselves trapped behind a wall and are unable to vault over to avoid an engagement or use it as a shortcut to start running toward the white zone.

For example, in a recent game, I couldn’t vault over a wall to save myself from the blue zone in the final circle. Since the blue zone damage is high toward the end of the game, I ended up dying trying to find a way around. Such incidents are pretty common in Battlegrounds and while proper parkour is being worked on, how hard it is to add a vaulting mechanic? It should have been in the game since day one. It is a necessity, it is basic.

Driving is another issue and often you end up hitting invisible objects. Hitting other vehicles has no impact and both cars, if there is a head-on collision, will stop dead in their tracks.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene needs to worry less about Fortnite copying his game and focus more on the basics.