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EA Went All In With FIFA 18, Best Gameplay They Have Ever Produced

With FIFA 18 being just around the corner it’s difficult not to wonder what more could fans expect from it. EA’s executive vice president, Patrick Söderlund has stated that the company “played it safe” with FIFA 17 and this year they are going “all in” with FIFA 18. That is pretty much confirmed by the game’s gameplay producer who shared a bit more information about FIFA 18’s most notable new features.

During Gamescom, MCV UK had an interesting talk with Sam Rivera, lead gameplay producer of FIFA 18 and he admitted that the game offers so many new features that it’s hard not to see it as the best gameplay the game ever had. His words were exactly:

“A lot of the people we’ve been talking to are really happy with the new features. In fact, I’ve been talking to people that didn’t know about the new features, but when they play the game, they recognise them right away, since we picked those strategically so people get to enjoy more of the game. People are already calling it out as the best gameplay we’ve ever had.”

As Rivera states a huge part of FIFA 18’s beauty is the Real Player Motion that they installed this year. With it the animation of the players are not picked not by every step he makes but a frame by frame movement. This makes the movement of the players more fluid and more lifelike than any previous FIFA title.

Frostbite helped a lot with the game’s stability and beauty since they could capture motion in a more smooth way. Rivera picked the example of the motion capture of Christiano Ronaldo’s movements that in FIFA 18 will be exactly the same as in real life. We are expecting to see this in every version of the game except the Nintendo Switch one, where Frostbite was not used to give the console a more optimised version than this engine would provide.

When talking about The Journey, FIFA 18’s campaign mode, Rivera informed us that the protagonist will be Alex Hunter again, this time starting his carrier from the favelas in Brazil building his way up to LA and many other places. A major plus for the mode is the presence of FIFA Street-like matches in The Journey, probably in the start of Alex’s carrer while he is still in Brazil.

According to Rivera:

We just want you to experience more of the different situations that a young professional football player experiences through his career. So there are big surprises in the mode – basically Year One for The Journey was very successful and with Year Two we’re expecting another very big year.”

Last but not least Rivera talked about The Ultimate Team which is currently the most loved mode of the game, which is a kind of fantasy league letting players create their own teams and earn rewards as the team’s manager through challenges. He admits that The Ultimate Team is a really challenging mode but rewards you equally.

He stated that due to fans’ demands they added an offline mode to The Ultimate Team called Battle Squads where you battle against AI for big rewards, not meaning that the challenges will be easy though.

What’s also new to the mode is the appearance of football legends such as Ronaldinho, Maradona and Pele which will have 3 different Team Icons, from the beginning of their career, the prime of their career, and finally the end of it. Rivera said that their stats will be significally more high than any other we saw in FIFA.

Finally there will be an addition of a feature called Champions Channel which will allow you to watch replays of the top matches each week so that you can improve and adapt yourself. This is the only thing EA announced for the competitive part of the game.

FIFA 18 will be releasing in September 29 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.