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NBA 2K18 Is Getting Changes In Cosmetic Microtransactions

There’s only been a few days since the release of NBA 2K18 and fans are not impressed. The biggest problem that they are facing right now are the microtransactions that are almost mandatory for players if they want to become powerful quickly and they are not quiet about it. 2K announced a minor change in its microtransaction system which may bring a small relief to the community and calm those spirits down.

Ronnie Singh, the “face” of NBA 2K series on social media tweeted today that there will be a repricing on “hair and facial hair” part of the game and they will now be priced to 100VC. Even though players are more than eager to pay a bit more of their virtual currency on their new sneakers or tattoos, the pricing on new hair has brought everyone to a raging state.

NBA 2K18 has brought in this microtransaction system for players not only on their appearance but for boosting their stats too. When your basic currency is your only way to get better in the game but also look cooler it’s only natural that many will make a fuss about it. Players will have to grind on hundreds of games to raise their overall stats enough to be competitive so they can’t waste VC on their appearance. There are many who have already spent hundreds of dollars in game so as to make their players better, some of them losing all of their progress due to crashes in the past days.

The new VC change will give a bit more flexibility to the players when figuring out where to spend them and be a little more experimental on their appearance. There is still not an option of a hair preview in the game though which causes complains since the players can’t actually see what they’re buying before making the purchase.

Microtransactions in heavily priced games are for sure a subject that makes players complain and rage about since you are basically asked to spend a lot of money on a game you already spent a good amount on. 2K must put the needs of the fans in mind pretty soon because even though the gameplay of NBA 2K18 is something noone can complain about, there are still voices that will need to be silences about its pay-to-win model if they want to start receiving good reviews.

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