Meet Hsing-Hsing, One Of Your Crew Mates In Beyond Good And Evil 2

After Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 conference this year, Ubisoft has been somewhat mum on exactly who the people are that you might be traveling with as you search the galaxy for the way to something called “true freedom.” Hsing-Hsing, a panda hybrid, will be coming along.

Hsing-Hsing is one of the many different sorts of animal hybrids that are a part of the Beyond Good and Evil universe, similar to Uncle Pey’j from the original game, and the multiple other hybrids we saw in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer, such as Knox the monkey and Zhou Yuzhu, the other pig hybrid we saw in the trailer.

Hsing-Hsing is only one of multiple other panda hybrids that live in System 3. They’re used there to build temples and maintain the buildings and gardens, but Hsing himself didn’t really fit in for some reason. One night, he snuck out of his temple and went off to explore the city, but unfortunately got himself captured and nearly enslaved, before Captain Kerr, the pirate captain who you apparently play in Beyond Good and Evil 2, rescued him.

Since then, Hsing has made enough loot to open up a tea shop on the planet Ganesha, where he serves smoked white tea and holds karaoke. He’s apparently also a Kiss fan, showing that the classics will definitely endure far into the future.

Hsing-Hsing will only be one of the many different characters that we’ll be meeting and working with in Beyond Good and Evil 2, in addition to a number of other animal hybrids from tigers to monkeys and more, along with regular humans.

There’s no real release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but hopefully we’ll be getting an idea of it soon from Ubisoft. In the meantime, be on the lookout for more information about Beyond Good and Evil 2 characters!