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Evil Within 2 Environments Are Open So That Players Won’t Suffocate By Horror Elements

Evil Within 2 continues the story of Sebastian Castellanos and improves upon every aspect of the first game from story to the game’s environments which are more open compared to the first game and according to the producer, the open environments will make sure that players are not suffocated by the horror.

Speaking with Gamespot, producer Shinji Mikami talked about the upcoming Evil Within 2 and explained why the game features more open environments compared to the first game. According to Mikami, creating these open level in Evil Within 2 were a challenge as it is a more complex process “than simply creating a large game world”.

Game director John Johanas added that it is easy to make a level big but, the scale is a different thing entirely which makes sure that players are not suffocated by the all the horror and explore the area at their own pace.

Scale is one thing; it’s really easy to make something big–you just make it big. But [you have] to find the right density. One of the things we wanted to make sure this time is that it’s not too suffocating in terms of how we presented horror elements compared to the first game. We want it to be open, so you can explore at your own pace, and have a sort of ebb and flow to horror experiences and downtime.

Shinji MikamiĀ describes the gameplay as multi-ended. According to Mikami, there will no forced stealth sections or combat sections, meaning players can take any sort of approach that they want.

Also, game director John Johanas has revealed that there will be sidequests in the upcoming title thatĀ players can tackle however they want. Each side quest will have a different outcome depending on the player or players could just ignore them.

Evil Within 2 is a survival-horror game in development at Tango Gameworks and is scheduled to launch on October 13, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamespot