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Evelynn’s Major Rework Draws Near for League of Legends, Appears Completely Naked in New Teaser

The year began with a petrifying rework of Warwick in January, followed by another for Galio in March for League of Legends. Urgot was next in that lineup, receiving his overhaul in July. There is one more massive champion update planned to conclude the year and that is for Evelynn.

Yesterday, the official Philippines Facebook account for the game published a teaser to give a glimpse into the new and improved form of the succubus.

Riot Games previously stated that it wants to solidify Evelynn as the assassin she was meant to be. While her kit will definitely undergo significant changes, she will retain her ability to cloak herself in permanent stealth. There was also a rumor regarding her visual update that strips her off her clothes. From the teaser, she looks to be clothed in nothing but dark shadows. That certainly slides into her identity as the alluring widowmaker.

Riot Games should be making a full reveal this weekend or early next week. On that note, players can expect the rework to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) sometime next month.

The prospect of seeing how the new Evelynn will play certainly holds excitement. However, there is another reason to be looking forward to the weekend. 

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship will begin on September 23 and run through to November 4. It is being hosted by China with a brand new tournament format that stretches across Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

We will soon be enjoying the first batch of matches. Until then, you can pass the time by listening to the recently released official theme song and celebrate the momentous occasion.