CLG Releases Roster Because Overwatch League “Does Not Align With Our Goals”

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has decided to part ways with Overwatch and will no longer be fielding players to complete its roster for the time being.

The management has apparently been working for the past few months to find new homes for both the players and coach. Some have already been picked up by new organizations and negotiations are being finalized for the others.

“Many teams in the months prior had released their rosters in order to re-evaluate their position in the esport, but we still believed that the Overwatch League could be the right fit for CLG,” the official announcement reads. “After months of discussion, however, it was determined that entering the Overwatch League does not align with our goals at the present time and that we will be parting ways with our Overwatch team.”

CLG has been building its Overwatch team since December 2016. The roster provided adequate success with several first- and second-place finishes in online tournaments. However, CLG failed to qualify for the first season of Overwatch Contenders in North America. It only managed to place ninth after being eliminated in the group stage of season zero.

Team Liquid also disbanded its roster last week, with several of its players moving to other competitive games. More than a dozen teams have parted ways with the game this year, majorly because of the high investment required to get a slot in the league.

The Overwatch League is scheduled to begin with a pre-season in December, with the first official season commencing from early January. A total of twelve teams will be competing for glory and honor. More details will arrive in the coming months.