The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Video Shows Fights With Grotesque Creatures

There’s no lie that The Evil Within 2 is one of the most promising horror titles to look forward to. With Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil leading the developer team in the previous game there is only so much to be expected from its sequel. Andrew Reiner and Ben Reeves from GameInformer have played the PC version of The Evil Within 2 and have provided a 20 minute gameplay video featuring Sebastian in what looks like our next favorite fights in a horror game.

So the video starts with Sebastian Castellanos following his main antagonist, Stefano, inside the STEM for the second time. In front of what looks like a library Sebastian is encountered by a humanlike creature made by corpses and has a set of faces that look like Lisa, a poltergeist we first saw in the first game. It’s name is the Guardian and its a pretty fitting name as defeating him unlocks the entrance to the building.

So this is the first fight we see in a gameplay video of The Evil Within 2. The Guardian is charging at you initiating the fight where you can use your guns as expected. Although it seems like a pretty standard “Resident Evil” fight there are more ways to get the job done using use enviroment, such as electric wires and petrol barrels.

It doesn’t seem like a difficult boss encounter since it doesn’t take more than a few successful hits for the Guardian (which we have previously seen in its own official trailer) to crumble giving you entrance to the building where Stefano is waiting for you.

The next sequence is what one would call a “Layers of Fear stage” where you are basically roaming through rooms, asked by a voice (probably Stefano at that point) to appreciate the art hanging on the walls. The rooms are changing and creating an eerie scenery which is a nice touch after the Guardian fight. Getting through all the rooms will lead you in the second major fight of this video.

When you enter the last room you are asked to activate an Emmiter which triggers Stefano entering the room and almost freezing time with his camera. After he leaves, you are once more encountering a fight with a far more interesting enemy than the previous one. A grotesque figure which can only be described as a spider ballerina baring a camera head is chasing you down shuting pictures which seem to only be stunning you for a bit.

This fight is much more intense than the previous one since it’s timed till the emmiter stabilizes the area. The Obscura, Stefano’s creation, can only be hit in its camera eye but this seems to buy you a lot of time till it starts chasing you again as it gets stunned as well for a certain amount of time.

After the timer Obscura dissapears and Sebastian can start searching for his daughter again marking the end of the gameplay video.

The Evil Within 2 seems to be a really nice polished horror game, baring aspects from many different horror must-plays such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. There is no question about it being a far more interesting title than its previous one, probably making it a gem of its genre.

The Evil Within 2 is a horror game by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda coming to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on October 13th. If you pre-order its digital version now you can get the Last Chance Pack which contains a burst handgun, crafting supplies and medical supplies.