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Two Legendary Overwatch Skins Were Broken by the New Update

The latest update to arrive for Overwatch somehow interfered with the ultimate voice lines of Winged Victory Mercy and Oni Genji from functioning properly. Both of the legendary skins have now been disabled by Blizzard until further notice.

“We’re working to remedy the situation quickly, but the fix will require a follow-up patch in the coming days,” community manager Josh Engen explained on the official forums. “For PC players, this patch will most likely be released this week, but we don’t currently have an ETA for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patches.”

The absence of ultimate voice lines can give significant advantage in the game since enemy players will be unable to get any immediate notification that the players are using their ultimate abilities. This is the sole reason that the developer was quick to disable both the skins. Should any player attempt to equip them, they will be restored to the default skins of Mercy and Genji.

Without an explicit timeline, we can only hope that the fix arrives soon for all three platforms.

The latest update introduced the promised rework of Mercy, additional firepower for D.Va, and a small quality-of-life change for Reinhardt to look behind himself while holding his shield. They were accompanied by a number of other changes and adjustments across the board.