Theme and Function of Every League of Legends Runes Path Revealed

Following its announcement earlier this year, the Runes Reforged initiative is finally nearing fruition for League of Legends.

Posting on the official forums, lead systems designer “Fearless” confirmed that the new system will be arriving on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) very soon. However, unlike other updates that usually hit the live servers fairly quick, Riot Games wants the new runes to remain in development on the test servers for a while. This is to ensure stability and that the development team can gather as much feedback as possible for further polishing.

For those unaware, Runes Reforged basically merges the previous Runes and Masteries into one massive singular feature. It will contain five different paths that players can tread on based on various factors such as the champion, role, team-synergy, or simply the gameplay-style of the player.

“Glyphs and Seals ended up being fairly arbitrary groups, and the three mastery categories had too many different needs to cover,” Riot Games explained. “We want Paths to have clear strengths and strong gameplay, while also complementing them with exciting themes and fantasy.”

The following is a quick overview of every Runes Path that will be incorporated into League of Legends. Do note that the names and respective details are works in progress and subject to change.


  • Theme: Harness wild magic to empower your abilities and discover limitless reserves of energy.
  • Function: Amp spellcasting and ability power, and find ways to cheat out a few extra casts.


  • Theme: Become an unbreakable behemoth that controls the line of battle.
  • Function: Concentrated durability along with ways to leverage that durability into other forms of power.


  • Theme: Outclass your opponents with overwhelming barrages and deft strikes.
  • Function: Augment auto attacks and amplify consistent damage patterns.


  • Theme: Hunt your prey and revel in the glory of the kill.
  • Function: Track, chase, and execute your targets with mobility and burst damage.


  • Theme: Cheat the rules to outwit your enemies.
  • Function: Bend the rules of the game to your advantage and capitalize on new options, play patterns, or game knowledge.

Riot Games has previously mentioned that it hopes to release the update around the pre-season period in November.