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Pushing PUBG Into Esports Will Be Difficult, Developer Promises to Keep Evolving

The large scale of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) makes it a difficult prospect for esports but one that the developer hopes to achieve with time.

While hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit earlier today, creator Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene agreed that it is nearly impossible to even consider hosting regular offline tournaments for the game in its current state. In light of the battle royale experience, the organizer would have to make ready a hundred systems under one roof for competing players. The scenario only spells difficulties and problems when compared with other esports games.

“But, we have a great team here that are working with esport orgs, teams and orgainizers to figure out the best way to move forward with a battle royale esport,” Greene assured. “Our first event at gamescom taught us a lot, and we plan to keep learning and improving with each successive event.”

It is not just about the massive infrastructure. One of the more profound requirements for a successful esports game is offering a satisfying viewer-experience. PUBG falls short in that department as was evident with its first invitational at Gamescom last month. There were numerous issues having to do with spectator cameras, scoring systems, and the rule-set. That being said, the event was still far better than what could be expected from an inaugural tournament.

PUBG has sold more than 10 million copies since it entered early access on Steam in late March. Bluehole never expected to enjoy such success and continues to be surprised every day by the numbers achieved.

“I would ask everyone to remember that we are only six months into Early Access and we didn’t expect the level of success we have seen, so we are still playing catch up in a lot of areas,” Greene pointed out. “But as I said before, this is a marathon for us, not a sprint, so improvements will come.”

PUBG is slated to officially launch later this year, by which it will also release for Xbox One.