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Those Who Pre Ordered NBA 2K18 Are Suffering, Throusands of Dollars Lost

NBA 2K18 was announced earlier this year and had since been up for pre-order. The title released a couple of days ago but those who pre-ordered a copy got some incentives including VC and early access to NBA 2K18. In addition to getting free VC with the pre-order, many spent hundreds of dollars buying VC to level up their characters.

However, all that money and pre-order incentives were lost when their game suddenly crashed. Booting back in resulted in a complete wipeout of their data – no VC, no character progression, and no help from 2K Games. Well, that’s not exactly true, the company did release a patch which apparently¬†fixed the problem at release. But thousands who pre-ordered and had early access are yet to see their issue resolved.

Players who bought the game at release and are spending money to buy VC to level their characters are now surpassing those who pre-ordered the game and spent hundreds on VC. 2K Support page on Twitter is flooded with comments from disgruntled fans who want their money back.

2K, on the other hand, has offered nothing but generic replies – “they are looking into it” for the past 4 days. Reverting the process is painstakingly slow due to a limited number of agents handling the problem. 2K is yet to share a comment but I am trying to reach someone to hear their side of the story. However, after my yesterday’s review, I doubt anyone will get back to me on this.

2K not only released a broken product, charged full price for it, but it added a cash grab VC system which is tied to pretty much everything in the game. Microtransactions are not new to even AAA games but their implementation is never this bad.

Some are considering a class action lawsuit against the company which indicates how bad the situation is. Unfortunately, the gaming media turned a blind eye to this problem and is busy hiding the VC system issue from the public. Reviews do not mention anything of the sort which shows how far some publications can go to please big companies in order to gain sponsorships, exclusive content, reveals, and more.

This is a developing story so we will update you as soon as we have more to share.