New Detroit Become Human Trailer Released, Shows All Characters

A new Detroit Become Human trailer has been released as part of the Tokyo Game Show this week, and it appears to finally meld the stories of the various characters into one fairly coherent narrative. Detroit Become Human is the latest product of director David Cage and studio Quantic Dream.

Detroit Become Human tells the story of a number of different androids that inhabit the city of Detroit in the United States. In the future, humanity has perfected android technology, creating cybernetic humans to service their every whim. However, various androids start to go rogue, leading to a clash between them and humans over an android’s right to have their own life, rather than being a slave.

The game has made multiple other appearances and trailers in a variety of gaming events, ranging from E3 to the Playstation Experience and others. We’ve seen a number of different characters such as Kara and Connor, who are among the multiple different characters and outcomes that players will control in the game.

Though the new Detroit Become Human trailer is in Japanese, since it debuted at the Tokyo Game Show, you can at least get a fairly accurate picture of what’s happening, since your characters include a regular android, a rogue one that’s likely a terrorist, a police officer, and more.

However, whether or not David Cage and Quantic Dream can live up to the story that the Detroit Become Human trailer is promising remains to be seen. Cage’s games are often seen as highly polarizing, with their most recent game, 2013’s Beyond Two Souls, getting a fairly polarizing response over its writing and confusing narrative.

If you want to watch the Detroit trailer yourself, you can find it further up in the article. Detroit Become Human will be released exclusively for the Playstation 4 sometime in 2018.