Diablo 3 Season 12 Buffs Give More To Every Class, Except Necromancer

The new season of Diablo 3 is here, and the Diablo 3 Season 12 buffs that are going to be implemented are boosting every available class, from Barbarian to Crusader. The various buffs will be implemented in order to bring the other classes up to snuff with the new Necromancer class that was released.

The Necromancer was released back in June as part of new DLC, adding a new class that had previously been in Diablo 2 but that Blizzard had said would not make a return. However, the Necromancer was eventually re-added into the game. The class focuses around various undead and powering them up, while also making use of various curses, golems, and other minions.

The new season isn’t supposed to start until October, and so the patch notes that have been released are only for the Public Test Realm so far. That means that Blizzard may still adjust the game depending on the reaction of players that are a part of the public test realm of the game. Since the Necromancer released, it’s become clear to Blizzard that the class has become so powerful it upsets the balance of the other classes.

Hence, the update. Not only will Diablo 3 Season 12 be getting a buff to the characters and their abilities, but they’ll also get buffs on their gear as well. For instance, the Crusader’s Thorns of the Invoker set is getting a damage buff of 5,400 percent, a very high amount upward from the 50% that it was previously.

However, despite how game-breaking that 5400% buff to the Thorns set might seem, keep in mind that these changes are still in the testing phase and have to be toned down to be balanced with the Necromancer, so Crusader won’t be the new overpowered class.

Diablo 3 Season 12 will be coming out in October, so we’ll be able to see the fruits of Blizzard’s labor then.