2nd Gen AMD Ryzen & AMD Vega Based On The 12nm Process Coming 2018

At the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference AMD officially announced the second generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs and AMD Vega GPUs that will be coming next year based on the 12nm process. The official announcement was made by AMD Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster. He confirmed that the GlobalFoundries 12LP volume production will begin in Q1 2018.

AMD will be introducing 2 new generations of AMD Zen as well as AMD Vega in the upcoming 3 years. The current generation AMD Ryzen CPUs are based on Zen architecture on the 14nm process. Zen 2 and Zen 3 CPUs will be based on the 7nm and 7nm+ process.

Before AMD launched Zen 2 or Navi, as planned the company will be releasing AMD Ryzen as well as AMD Vega refreshes. As of right now, it has not been confirmed on which process nodes these will be based but we should be able to get more information further down the line.

Nvidia will also be making the move to 12nm with the upcoming Nvidia Volta GPUs. This means that no matter which company you choose to go with the 12nm nodes will be coming in 2018 and consumers will be able to take advantage of the performance benefits that these chips will have to offer as compared to current generation products.

AMD Ryzen AMD Vega

In other news related to shrinking chip sizes, it is the third time that Intel Cannon Lake has been delayed. It was supposed to come out in mid-2017 but it has been delayed to the end of 2018. This announcement from AMD might not be in the best interest of Intel and the company will be on its toes from here on.

The next generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs and AMD Vega GPUs have been announced let us know what you think about them and whether or not you are interested in buying them when they are available.