Square Enix Is Looking For Script Writers For A NieR Project

NieR Automata was one of the most succesful titles for 2017. In the shade of that Square Enix has started looking for scenario writers for a new NieR project which is not yet even teased or announced. There is a thread on NeoGaf by DKHF linking to the official page of Square Enix where the applications are found and the script job can even be found all around Twitter by NieR Japan and retweets.

Bussiness Division 6 of Square Enix now has a few job openings for a NieR project with messages by NieR series director Yoko Taro and NieR series producer Yosuke Saito. Bussiness Division in the company are oriented in a specific title at a time like Bussiness Division 1 is for Final Fantasy VII Remastered and Bussiness Division 3 for Kingdom Hearts 3.

The 6th one is currently working on other stuff but apparently NieR is on its sights too. Many would think that Square Enix will try to release a remaster for the original NieR videogame, which kinda made sense after the success of NieR Automata but hiring script writers is not a task that would be required in a remaster. So we are probably looking at a new title just like NieR Automata.

As Director of NieR series Yoko Taro explains on Bussiness Division 6’s page (giving a rough translation of his japanese slang):

With everyone’s support, there is a sign that NieR will continue on various “developments”. We were able to gather people who can produce together and be able to make a team, and we were honored to recruit people this time.

The series producer Yosuke Saito also has a message on the page:

I consulted Yokowo. What are you going to do with Nier from now? This hit is that of a one-off shop. Our peak of season is now, there is no more. But it certainly feels that there are a lot of people waiting for the world of Nier. That said, Yokoo is not God. I am a human. Sometimes I cry, sometimes crush. I wanted to recruit those who helped Mr. Yokowo to sponsor the world of Nier together and decided to start recruiting “NieR-related work scenario staff” this time. It may be a narrow gate, but if you are interested, please apply.

There is not a word yet as to what this NieR project will be about, but given the history of Square Enix with franchises of that size of success we can count on them giving the NieR universe many years to follow.