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Rainbow Six Siege Update Bricks PlayStation 4 Consoles, Wipes Hard Drives for the Lucky Ones

The first patch for the newly commenced third season arrived for Rainbow Six Siege earlier today for all three platforms. The launch went fairly normal for both the Xbox One and PC. However, it ended up otherwise for PlayStation 4 due to a nasty bug.

According to one thread among many on Reddit, the problem takes root in the in-game invitational feature. Entire PlayStation 4 consoles have been claimed to be bricked after their owners invited their friends for a game. Meanwhile several others have seen their systems crash or been left with corrupted hard drives.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue and is advising players to refrain from updating their games for the time being. The latest patch has somehow interfered with the PlayStation 4 firmware, which should not have been the case since Sony has a dedicated team that tests patches before giving the green light.

“Players have reported a crashing issue regarding the party invitation,” the official support website confirmed. “We are cooperating with Sony on this issue and would advise you to not use this feature until a resolution is found.”

This is probably a good time to take a break from Rainbow Six Siege. There is no word on when a fix is expected to arrive. The bug may be squashed in time for the weekend or may take longer. There is also the matter of players claiming that the new update doomed their consoles. We will have to see how Sony responds to the complaints once the issue has subsided.