PUBG Update Allows You to Mark Current Location With Key-Binds

Another weekly update has arrived for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that fulfills a couple of highly requested features from the community.

According to the official patch notes, players can now mark their current location in the world map with a simple key-bind. It is the “Insert” key by default but can be changed to any other through the settings panel.

The same task had to be previously done by opening the map and zooming in as much as possible for greater accuracy. Being able to automatically mark locations without having to jump through unnecessary hoops is welcoming.

The feature also carries importance because it is often used by players to mark weapons or useful items that other team members might be looking for. PUBG is all about survival and not having to switch away from the in-game screen will undoubtedly prove crucial for players.

On the subject of key-bindings, players can no longer modify the .ini files to set a key-bind for multiple actions on the same key. In other words, the magic of being able to crouch-jump through windows by pressing a single key will not work any more. However, players will still be able to execute the move by precisely hitting both keys separately.

Bluehole has not specifically stated if further tinkering with the game files will result in bans or suspensions. Such was teased a couple of days back when it was discovered that the developer had edited its official rules of conduct.

Elsewhere, the developer has addressed several bugs such as being able to use angled foregrip on the Tommy Gun and being unable to cancel a reload if the player was knocked out during the animation. In addition, a graphical glitch where a black box would appear while scoped in when anti-aliasing was set to low has been fixed.

The new update is already present on the test servers and should go live for everyone else by the weekend.