Overwatch Update Allows Reinhardt to Look Behind While Holding Shield

A new update went live earlier today for Overwatch that gives Reinhardt more situational awareness while protecting his allies from incoming projectiles.

According to the official patch notes, the armored hero can now activate Barrier Field and hold primary fire to rotate the camera to survey the battlefield. Previously, the line of sight of Reinhardt was restricted to where his shield was facing. The small quality of life change finally allows him to look behind himself while holding the shield active in front.

“A new ‘Movement Relative to Camera During Barrier Free Look’ option can be found under Settings > Controls,” the developer highlighted. “Simply select Reinhardt from the dropdown menu. This allows players to change the way Reinhardt moves when Barrier Shield is active and players are controlling the third-person camera movement.”

You can not always expect your team members to protect your back from enemy flanks. In addition, checking corners can make survival hazardous if the hero has limited vision. The new gameplay change should help Reinhardt in more than one way in Overwatch.

Elsewhere, both D.Va and Mercy have received massive changes to their respective kits. The mech-piloting hero now has access to a new ability that fires a barrage of miniature rockets for damage within a small radios. The primary healer of the game, on the other hand, has received a new ultimate ability that enhances her weapons and allows her to fly around.

The new update is available for Overwatch across all three platforms. You can test out the changes for yourself.