My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide – Expansion Roster, Leveling Up Cards, Daily Rewards

In this My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide, we will share some tips and tricks for you for My NBA 2K18. My NBA 2K18 is out for your mobile devices so you can take your NBA experience anywhere with you go. We have curated this My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide so that you easily get in the game and get the most out of it.

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My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide

My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide details everything that you need to know about My NBA 2K18.

My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies

Farm Games

Just like any other free mobile game, My NBA 2K18 requires you to farm for new players and cards. What is unique in this situation is that you are not required to win, simply complete a game and you will earn rewards. Complete a specific set of games to unlock special rewards with the maximum number of play rewards going to 50,000 games. So keep farming games and all the grinding will yield many rewards for you in the long run.

Expand Your Roster

While playing My NBA 2K18, you can never stop collecting new players. Every match you complete will reward you with something so keep expanding your roster to better and better players. As you level up in the game, you will get better players making your team even better. At some time, you will even unlock some rare cards and players. Keep at it and you will eventually end up with a very good roster of legendary players.

Play the Game Daily

My NBA 2K18 has a daily bonus too but it comes with a twist. After logging in daily for a month or so, you get an Elite card as a reward. The more you login; the reward keeps getting better with you getting an Elite card at the end. It rests every month so make sure you grab your Elite card every month. You also get a card reward every day that you login so make sure you keep getting these daily rewards by logging in the game daily.

Level Up Cards

When you have levelled up cards to their maximum, they do not become useless. Maximize 2 cards of the same type and then combine them together to form a Pro Card of the same card. Pro cards get increased stats and higher ability trigger chance during matches.

You should try to make as many Pro cards as possible. Also during the matches, if you maximize the Pro Player’s level, you can supercharge them. This will increase their level cap and you can take them even further up to be the ultimate player.

Grab the Freebies

Apart from daily login bonus, you can also watch videos to earn rewards. When a game finished and you choose your card, the game will ask you to watch a video to increase the selection to two cards. You can watch the video for an extra card every time you finish a game. This will increase your roster quickly and increase your chances of finding better cards quickly.

This concludes our My NBA 2K18 Tips and Strategies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!