Intel Cannon Lake Delayed For The Third Time, Won’t Be Out Till Late 2018

Intel Cannon Lake was supposed to be a product for mid 2017 but it seems that Intel’s problems with the 10nm process are not going to end any time soon. This is the third time that Intel Cannon Lake is being delayed and the new update is that the Intel Cannon Lake CPUs will not be coming out before the end of 2018. That is a huge delay and more than a year from the original deadline.

Intel Cannon Lake CPUs are supposed to be the first generation of CPUs based on the 10nm process. Reports claim that this delay has impacted vendors and that retailers are now thinking of skipping Intel Cannon Lake entirely in favor of Ice Lake that should be out soon after the release of Intel Cannon Lake. Ice Lake will be the second generation of CPU based on the 10nm process.

TSMC, Samsung and Globalfoundries are right behind Intel and they claim to be able to produce high volume 10nm chips or better by 2019. This gives Intel less time if something goes wrong. Intel has a bit of a lead at the moment but with such competition, anything can go south and companies can find ways of getting products to market first.

TSMC has reportedly begun risk production of CLN7FF this year and will be able to produce high volume chips by mid-2018. On the other hand, Samsung has already begun shipping 10nm wafers. 8LPP, which is going to rival Intel 10nm process will be coming out in early 2019.

It is safe to say that Intel might not be able to afford any more delays and that the company is already in a tough race. Let us know what you think about Intel Cannon Lake and what you think about Vendors skipping it for Intel Ice Lake that will be coming soon afterward.