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Square Enix Might Bring The Full Final Fantasy XV Experience To Nintendo Switch

Shortly after Hajime Tabata hinted that the studio is looking to bring Final Fantasy 15 to Switch and even though the game is still being considered for Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has given us a hint of what Final Fantasy XV would look like if it comes to the hybrid console.

Speaking with Eurogamer, game director Hajime Tabata revealed that they are doing very specific technical tests on Nintendo Switch and it seems that Switch might get the console version of Final Fantasy XV instead of the Pocket Edition for Mobile devices.

According to the Tabata, the test they ran didn’t bear any satisfactory results but, that doesn’t mean that is the end of it and are looking to partner with Epic Games.

We’re looking at the options, like the customisation of the engine. To give you an example how open those discussions are – we’re talking to Epic at the moment, about maybe what we could possibly do there, and if we did a Switch version maybe we’d be able to partner and do something there. Their Unreal environment is just amazing, and will be very useful. You have to have all those options on the table – without that it’d be impossible to make a decision about what we can do on that platform.

In related news, Square Enix has revealed that a direct sequel is unlikely for Final Fantasy XV but, Tabata has hinted that the next entry in the franchise could also be an open-world title.

It’s hard to say at this point if the entire game is gonna be based on an open world. But I would say that the overall experience that users get from playing in a massive area, that overall game experience is something that we’re gonna make sure is in the next project as well.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure title developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will come to PC in early 2018.

Source: Eurogamer