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Canceled Half-Life Episode Featured A “Magnet Gun”, Warren Spector Explains How It Would Have Worked

Half-Life fans were disappointed with the former Valve writer confirming that there will be no another Half-Life game and also revealed the story for the canceled Half-Life Episode 3. Now, Warren Spector has revealed how the Half-Life Magent Gun would have worked in the caneled Half-Life episode.

Speaking with Game Informer, Warren Spector talked about how the Half-Life Magent Gun would have worked in the canceled Half-Life Episode which was to be a replacement for the iconic Gravity Gun that fans love. He explained that the magnet gun was different from Gravity Gun.

Instead of pulling objects towards the player the Magnet Gun would let you “fire a sticky magnetic ball at a surface and anything made of metal would be forcibly attracted to it.”

You could fire it at a wall across an alley from a metal dumpster and wham! The dumpster would fly across the alley and slam into the wall. You can imagine the effect on anything approaching you in the alley – either squashed or blocked. Or you could be fighting two robots and hit one with a magnet ball and they’d slam together making movement or combat impossible for them. Or you could be trying to get across a high-up open space with an I-beam hanging from a cable in the middle. Stand on the I-beam, fire a magnet ball at the far wall, the beam swings across the gap, walk off it, done.

In related news, the fans of the franchise waited years for the third entry in the franchise and according to Marc Laidlaw, lead writer of the Half-Life series, he never planned to conclude the series with Half-Life 3. According to Laidlaw, the game would have ended just like how the first two games have.

What do you think of the Marnet Gun? Would it have been as iconic as the Gravity Gun? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GameInformer