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Blizzard Regularly Consults Professional Overwatch Players for Changes

Blizzard is not completely alone when it has to decide between upcoming changes that might end up altering Overwatch in a significant manner.

Posting on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan shared that the development team is in constant communication with professional players from around the world. Their feedback has always been taken with utmost importance when it comes to changing the game for balance.

“Pro players definitely do have an influence on our decision-making,” Kaplan wrote. “We have a regular conference call with pro players to discuss their thoughts on the balance of the game.”

In addition, many professional players have a “direct line” to convey messages to the developer. They can either share their thoughts by sending in emails or join a Discord channel to freely participate in discussions with the development team.

“We also get a great report from our esports team that gathers feedback directly from the pro community,” Kaplan concluded. “So all pros should know that they have a direct line to providing feedback to the OW team and we take it very seriously.”

However, professional players are not the only ones that Blizzard is interested in when it comes to gathering feedback for Overwatch. The fact is that highly skilled players account for a small number in the millions that make up the community. In that light, the developer is always willing to gather suggestions from the rest of the player-base.

“I don’t think any of that should discredit the feedback of other non-pro players,” Kaplan noted. “Every voice matters.”

Overwatch received a brand new update earlier today that brings the promised rework of Mercy, additional firepower for D.Va, and a small quality-of-life change for Reinhardt to look behind himself while holding his shield.