Wolfenstein 2 Gameplay Teaser Offers A Glimpse At Massive New Enemy

A new Wolfenstein 2 gameplay teaser has offered a short glimpse at what players will be facing at at least one point in the game, showing what appears to be a massive Nazi clad in a thick suit of armor along with various cutscenes, to wet our appetite of Nazi-killing.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will take B. J. Blazkowicz to the former United States of America, now a territory of the worldwide Nazi empire. With his wife Anya pregnant with twins, B. J. has even more of a motivation to destroy the Nazis once and for all, and start a second American Revolution.

However, a second Wolfenstein game has given Machine Games the motivation to make up all sorts of new killing machines to put in gamers’ paths, as if last game’s Panzerhunds, Supersoldaten, and such monstrosities as the London Monitor weren’t enough.

According to a preview done by the folks at the official Playstation blog, the game will also be fairly difficult even on the “Easy” difficulty (not the one with BJ sucking on a pacifier), with checkpoints being few and far between but thankfully put before lengthy combat sequences and boss fights.

Hopefully this Wolfenstein will be similar to The New Order, with players having to run around and grab health and armor in order to remain alive during these sorts of scenarios. Not only are these important during battles with regular enemies, but if that huge new enemy becomes a regularity then it will be all the more important.

Since the Wolfenstein 2 gameplay teaser was just that, a teaser, hopefully we’ll get an actual full-length gameplay preview sometime in the next few days that will help people to see more of what we’re going to be taking on in Nazi-occupied America.

Wolfenstein II: The New Order will be releasing on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27.