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Raise Money for Charity With Championship Ashe in League of Legends

Championship Ashe, the official skin for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, is now available for purchase from the in-game shop.

It was already public knowledge that a portion of sales will be used to boost the overall prize pool, similar to how Championship Zed helped raise over $5 million last year. However, another incentive has been announced for the community and requires your attention.

Riot Games will match 25 percent of sales from the new championship skin and donate that amount between three charities: BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and The Raspberry Pi Foundation.

“Each one supports causes that players we asked care about: mental health care, access to education, and access to technology,” the announcement reads. “We also partnered up with these charities to develop specific projects and goals we can fund, track, and achieve together.”

Players will have the option to vote for their favorite charity at a later date and the winner will receive 50 percent of the total donation. Votes from those with higher Honor levels will carry more weight. Riot Games will confirm soon when the voting process is scheduled to begin.

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship will begin on September 23 and run through to November 4. It is being hosted by China with a brand new tournament format that stretches across Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

A total of 24 of the best teams from across 13 different regions are competing for the title. The grand finals will take place in the famous Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest. We will finally see if SK Telecom T1 is able to secure its fourth championship victory.