No X-Wings: There Won’t Be Any Battlefront 2 VR, Criterion Games Says

If you were one of those people who played the X-wing VR mission for the original Star Wars Battlefront game, which tied into Rogue One, you might want to go back and play it. Criterion Games, who originally developed that VR mission, says that Battlefront 2 VR won’t be happening this year.

Originally, a newsletter had said that the game would be compatible with VR. However, a recent announcement by Sony has said that that previous newsletter was incorrect. So, players will be lacking a Battlefront 2 VR mission along the same lines as the X Wing VR mission of last year. A shame, especially considering that Star Wars: Episode 8 is coming out this December.

However, the success of the VR game might have contributed a great deal to the fact that Battlefront 2 now has actual space battle game modes, rather than the original Fighter Squadron mode that was in the first game.

The first Battlefront game didn’t have space battles, one of the many different criticisms leveled at the game along with a lack of maps (only four planets with a few maps on each one) and only one era being playable (the original trilogy era.)

While the second Battlefront game has been rectifying these various issues with new maps (a number of different planets such as Naboo, Hoth, Kashyyyk, Endor, and more), a new story mode, new eras to play in (players can now play in the prequel, original, and sequel eras), and space battles, time will tell if the game will be able to shrug off its rough beginnings.

While there won’t be any Battlefront 2 VR missions this time around, players will hopefully still be able to find enough content to keep them entertained. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 comes out on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17 of this year.