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New Trailer Shows Off Creepy Shadow Of War Mystic Tribe

A new Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer has been released, showing off the Shadow of War Mystic tribe in a fairly creepy trailer as one of the many other different orc tribes that players will be fighting and taking over as they attempt to conquer Mordor from Sauron in October.

The Mystic Tribe is probably one of the creepier tribes in the game. They’re the most focused on magic, using things like necromancy, blood sacrifice, and more in order to bolster their numbers. Players will be fighting many orcs that are imbued with Sauron’s dark power, which suppresses the new Ring’s abilities until you can kill the orc in question.

Areas of Mordor under the rule of the Shadow of War Mystic Tribe will include a dark blue sky, and the various members of the tribe will also be seen worshipping large totems made of bone that help to amplify their dark powers. Their banners will also be hanging from buildings, so you’ll know who owns a territory fairly quickly no matter where you are in Mordor.

The Mystic Tribe will be working with various other tribes of orcs such as the Dark Tribe, the Terror Tribe, the Machine Tribe, the Marauder Tribe, and the Feral Tribe, each of them dealing with a number of different areas and specializing in different types of combat. Talion will have to defeat all of these different tribes if he wants to take over Mordor.

Getting orcs from each of these different tribes can also help Talion diversify his orc army, allowing him to bring a number of different skills into battle.

To see the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mystic Tribe trailer for yourself, all you have to do is look further up the article. Otherwise, you can wait until October 10, when Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.