New Code Vein Gameplay Shows Off A Boss Fight Over Multiple Attempts

Ten minutes of new Code Vein gameplay have been revealed by IGN, showing off multiple different attempts at defeating a boss known as the Queen’s Knight. The boss fight does bring yet more comparisons to Dark Souls considering the various combat styles, though the game still looks great on its own.

Code Vein takes place in the aftermath of some sort of enormous catastrophe that has led to enormous spikes popping up around the world. However, the player is one of a group of people that have been able to survive and must take the world back by fighting the many enemies scattered around the play area.

The Queen’s Knight is the first boss that we’ve seen in any Code Vein gameplay, and he seems to be a bit of a doozy. Armed with an enormous sword and shield, the Queen’s Knight is able to dart around his boss arena, hitting you with powerful attacks that are more than capable of beating you down.

All of this makes him a tough opponent to take on despite your character’s ability to dodge his attacks, which takes the IGN employee playing the game four attempts to take down. During that time we get to see some of the Queen’s Knight’s other abilities, including ground explosion attacks, waves of dark energy, and more.

There isn’t much more to the new Code Vein gameplay than that, but it does serve to make the game look even better. While it may not be able to shake off the label of “Anime Dark Souls” that many people have given it, hopefully the game will still be able to stand on its own merits.

There’s no real release date for Code Vein yet aside from early 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, but if you want to see the new Code Vein gameplay yourself, all you have to do is look at the video above.