NBA 2K18 Glitch Wiping MyCareer Progress Now Patched On Xbox One

NBA 2K18 has just been released and its first days are bumpy and off to no good start. We already discussed the crash and controller disconnect issues that 2K is already working on, but as it seems there are more serious problems than that. Some Xbox players found out that their MyCareer progress: that means saves, pre-order items and even Virtual currency items were wiped due to a glitch caused on the console’s edition of NBA 2K18.

2K immediately posted a thread on Reddit, encouraging players who “suffered” a loss in progress to submit a ticket giving their information so that the company will create a duplicate player profile for them. It will take some times for the company to get the players their pre-order items though. As 2K has informed:

“For now, we suggest all Xbox players stay off MyCareer and explore the other game modes. Non-Xbox players, you should be safe.”

The much needed patch on Xbox One is already released and it will be also installed on Playstation 4 just in case. There are not official patch notes since the update is just a fix on a specific problem.

2K Sports’ Ronnie Singh, who is the “social media face” of NBA 2K18 posted earlier today on Twitter:

NBA 2K18 seems to have a solid start as sports game of its volume even though it already has some serious problems. However players don’t seem to appreciate 2K’s effort. Steam, which is probably the most strict critic, has already marked the reviews of the game mostly negative as in the first 24 hours of its release the negative reviews it received where off the roof.

Players seem to have all sorts of opinions to share about their experience on NBA 2K18 but it all comes down to one thing. The game was not what fans wanted. It may have new features, innovative gameplay and so on but it lack the thing that fans is craving for every year. The thrill of their favorite basketball videogame running smoothly and without problems for once.

Let’s hope 2K will take fans’ opinions seriously this time cause NBA 2K18 deserves a better future and clearly better reviews than the ones it gets for now.