Monolith Wants To Embrace Shadow Of War Player Stories In The Game

Monolith Studios, who’s developing the upcoming Lord of the Rings Mordor game, has said that they want Shadow of War player stories to be embraced in the game, and they plan on doing this with a number of different improvements that range from the Nemesis system, to missions, to others.

The Nemesis System was the groundbreaking way that gamers who played Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor could create their own tales of revenge and conflict as they came across various Orc captains, fought them, killed or got killed by them, and built rivalries. As you killed these captains, there was a chance that they’d come back with increased scars, which is also going to be boosted in Shadow of War.

Previously, in the endgame of Shadow of Mordor, the surviving Orc that players had the biggest rivalry with would also come back at the end for one final confrontation.

The Nemesis System in the sequel will be expanded greatly in order to facilitate more epic Shadow of War player stories. Orc captains that you leave for dead have a chance to be brought back by Sauron, or survive wounds that you might think otherwise lethal. Still other orcs can form bonds of friendship with you, becoming loyal servants whose bonds might go beyond mind control.

Along with the Nemesis System, the various other mechanics in the game offer opportunities for stories of epic sieges and massive battles, while the characters you interact with across the story taking part in your story. Whether it’s allies like Lithariel or Carnac, or enemies like the Nazgul, the Shadow of War player stories will undoubtedly be wide and varied as players take down orcs and attempt to conquer Mordor from Sauron.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be available on October 10 of this year for the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC.